Sunday, November 18, 2012

U.F.O. HAWAII pt.65 - The Feeling Is Love

U.F.O. HAWAII pt.65
The Feeling Is Love

UFO Hawaii Station-ID
Matias Aguayo - Rollerskate
Suez Motel - Flaspar
Musci & Venosta - Tamatave
Alexandre Desplat - Un Heros Tres Discret: Depart en Train
2 Banks Of 4 - Wake me
Bibio - Dwrcan
Fever Ray - If I Had a Heart
Espoo2 - Halcyon+on
Rip Rig + Panic - Sunken Love
Phil RetroSpector - Polly G
Mum - Replica
Oneohtrix Point - Never
Sun City Girls - Mr. Lonely Viola
Arling & Cameron - The Feeling Is Love
UFO Hawaii - Station-ID
People Like Us - Swinglargo


Anonymous mb40 said...

hey Künstler,

tnx for another great mix. pleasantly surprised by the oriental feel this one has. also pretty pleased to hear "Swing largo" end ur mix again, twas a while ago... (what a great track... mmmm)

seems ufo Hawaii skipped a beat this time over?? what happened, did u mislay Pt. 64, haha... hope we'll b getting that one soon so i'll b watching the skies for that part

keep the tunes alive!!

c ya, Yvan

9:37 AM  
Anonymous mb40 said...

soooooo sad to see no one makes/leaves comment in here. give the good man some feedback for all his trouble.

10:53 PM  

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