Saturday, September 17, 2016

The U.F.O. HAWAII Radioshow pt.94 / Drifting In A Calm Bay At Night

The U.F.O. HAWAII Radioshow pt.94
Drifting In A Calm Bay At Night

UFO Hawaii - Station-ID
Satoshi Ashikawa - Still Park
Satoshi Ashikawa - Still Sky
Kai Taschner - Boot and Paisley
Vangelis - Blade Runner Blues
Fennesz - Uds
The Album Leaf - The Sailor
Robert Fripp - The New World 1986
Ufo Hawaii - Daedalus
Satoshi Ashikawa - Wrinkle
David Sylvian - Holger Czukay - Premonition
Lagu Srihardjono - Instrumental
Laraaji - Meditation 2
Mkwaju Ensemble - Pulse in My Mind
Ufo Hawaii - Solo Git
Ufo Hawaii - Station-ID
Boards of Canada - Macquarie R Kopie

Saturday, August 20, 2016

The UFO HAWAII Radioshow pt.93 - Dead Pigeon Suite

U.F.O. HAWAII Radioshow pt.93 - Dead Pigeon Suite

south american getaway
take my hand
when you go
take my word
say goodbye
a suite in the forest
cats eyes through weeping walls
numbered doors
the moon on the lawn
moths on fire
exit anywhere

UFO Hawaii - Station-ID
Cat's Eyes - Forest Intro
Luke Vibert - I Can Phil It
The Souljazz Orchestra - Lotus Flower
David Bowie - Weeping Wall
Shigeo Sekito - The Word II
Cat's Eyes - The Duke Of Burgundy
The High Llamas - Berry Adams
Zoltán Pongrácz - Phonothese
Can - Dead Pigeon Suite
Grandbrothers - Arctica
Cat's Eyes - Pavane
Belbury Poly - The Moonlawn
Cat's Eyes - Black Madonna
The High Llamas - Crazy connector
Janelle Monáe - Wondaland
Xavier Jamaux - Simon’s Ride
The High Llamas - Take my hand
Rubba - Way star
Danny Bensi & Saunder Jurriaans - Control
Cat's Eyes - Door No.1
Icarus - Benevolent Incubator
Bonus track - Goodbye
Burt Bacharach - South American Getaway
Fred und Luna - Glück auf
Cat's Eyes - Door No. 2
Tipsy - Chop Socky
The Advisory Circle - Mogadon Coffee Morning
Phoenix - On Fire
Silver Tongue - When You Go
Alien Ensemble - Thousand Lights District
Cat's Eyes - Moth
Frank Zappa - Wolf Harbor II
Brand X - Orbits
Boris Blank - Ancore
Real Estate - Past Lives
UFO Hawaii - Station-ID
Plej - Exit Anywhere

Saturday, June 25, 2016

The U.F.O. HAWAII Radioshow pt.92 - Dramabananen

The U.F.O. HAWAII Radioshow pt.92

UFO Hawaii - Station-ID
Carmen - Schlaraffenland
Häxor och Porr - Dramabananen
Siriusmo - Nights Off
Mu - Paris Hilton
Gustav - We Shall Overcome
Buffalo Daughter - Great Five Lakes [Cornelius Mix]
Strawberry Switchblade - Who Knows What Love Is
Naffi - Everyday Just Another Dream
Camilla Motor - Gefahr Im Tivoli
The Flying Lizards - Money
I Monster - Err?
Phantogram - Mouthful Of Diamonds
Marine Girls - A Place In The Sun
I Monster - These Are Our Children
Michael Andrews - Fuck
Strawberry Switchblade - Go Away
The Roches - The Troubles
Gustav - Rettet die Wale
Jim O'Rourke - Prelude to 110 or 220 / Women of The World

Monday, June 20, 2016

UFO Hawaii / Sister Sun

A brand new Song featuring vocals by the lovely Miss LaLa Vox...


Saturday, May 14, 2016

The UFO Hawaii Radioshow Pt.91 - Uncle Meat’s Three Treacherous Daughters

The UFO Hawaii Radioshow Pt.91
Uncle Meat’s Three Treacherous Daughters

Mr. Henry Rousseau,
an hourglass
and little deeds
Time passes strangely
What are you thinking?
How are you feeling?
What have we done to each other?
What will we do?

Clouds So Far
From Nirvana to Hawaii
We’re the last of the great explorers

UFO Hawaii Station-ID
Jesca Hoop - Four Dreams
Frank Zappa & The Mothers - The Uncle Meat Variations
Conventum - Le Sablier et Les Petits Travaux
Aloa Input - Interlude
Aloa Input - Clouds So Far
Midori Takada - Mr. Henry Rousseau’s Dream
Ramsey Lewis - Uhuru
The Pastels - Wilderness End Theme
Henry Cow - Nirvana Reprise
Blue Hawaii - Try To Be
Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross Gone Girl OST (excerpt)
Pepe Deluxe - Last Of The Great Explorers
Mark Suozzo - Time Passes Strangely
Beck - Morning
The Roches - Hammond Song
UFO Hawaii Station-ID
Tycho - Costal Brake

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Shifty Bits!

Shifty Bits!
The best 2 bucks you’ve ever spent.
Not only are you getting this super cute and funny puzzle game, also the music is by your beloved UFO Hawaii…

Monday, March 21, 2016


Sunday, March 06, 2016

Die kleinen Geschenke

Dear Ufonauts!
Let the weekend fade slowly. Chill out in your spacecraft with a new UFO Hawaii tune: “Die kleinen Geschenke” (The Little Presents). Now on Bandcamp. Listen, Shop & Share!

Yours, The UFO Hawaii Propaganda Dept.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

The U.F.O. HAWAII Radioshow pt.90 / Pausen sind auch Musik

The U.F.O. HAWAII Radioshow pt.90 - Pausen sind auch Musik

UFO Hawaii - Station-ID
UFO Hawaii - Station-ID

Sunday, January 03, 2016

The UFO Hawaii Radioshow Pt.89 - I Think It’s No Pants Day

The UFO Hawaii Radioshow Pt.89 - I Think It’s No Pants Day

UFO Hawaii - Station-ID
Komeda - Focus
Young Marble Giants - This Way
Sun City Girls - 3D Girls 
Ghostpoet - That Ring Down the Drain Kind of Feeling
Can  - Obscura primavera
The Books - Liternite 
Faust - Lauft…Heisst Das Es Lauft Oder Es Kommt Bald
Stereolab  - Whisper Pitch
UFO Hawaii - Full Fathom Facets (Excerpt)
The Stepkids  - Wanderers
Radiohead  - Paperbag Writer
Holger Czukay - Rhonrad
Rocketdyke - No Pants
Morgan Fisher - Sleeper 4 
The Flying Lizards  - Mute
Devo  - Working In A Coalmine
Todd Rundgren - Breathless 
Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention - Overture To A Holiday In Berlin
Os Mutantes  - Ave, Lucifer
Gonjasufi  - Sheep
Passion Pit - Constant Conversations 
UFO Hawaii - Station-ID
People Like Us - Swinglargo

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Blisterplage! - New UFO Hawaii Single in Stores

Dear Ufonauts!

I’m proud to announce my new Music Video: UFO Hawaii / Blisterplage

I shot this video on a crazy Berlin night with Niels Alexi Johansen, Miss LaLaVox, a laptop and a webcam. Thanks also to @Hennink for helping out.

Watch it here

And if you like it, buy it:



Künstler Treu


The UFO HAWAII Radioshow pt.88

The UFO HAWAII Radioshow pt.88
Peter Kürten - Der Vampir von Düsseldorf

UFO Hawaii - Station-ID
When - ?
Danny Elfman- End Credits
Bruno Coulais - The Party
Marc Wilkinson - Angel's claw
Jerry Goldsmith - On this night
Michael Andrews - Did You Know Him
Jerry Goldsmith - Don't let him
Krzysztof Komeda - Lullaby
Philip Glass - The Slave Quarters
Shiro Sato - Ju-On
Ray Noble & His Orchestra - It's All Forgotten Now
The Residents - Vampire
Shiro Sato - Ju-On
Beat Solér - ?
Beat Solér - ?
Jacaszek - Pod Światlo
Sea Of Tranquility - Bite Me To Sleep
Danny Elfman - A Gift
Jerry Goldsmith - The fall
Gyorgi Ligeti - Lontano
Jerry Goldsmith - The demise of Mrs. Baylock
When - When (edit)
Anton Webern - Five Pieces for Orchestra
Danny Elfman - More Dreams
The Residents - I'm Not Crazy
Jerry Goldsmith - The day he died
Yoko Kanno - Ghostdive
Michael Andrews - On the roof
Pink Floyd - The Grand Vizer's Garden Party Part II
Bruno Coulais - The Supper
Wendy Carlos & Rachel Elkind - Rocky Mountains
The Orb & Robert Fripp - Suess Wie Eine Nuss
Michael Andrews - Time Travel
The Residents - Dead Men
UFO Hawaii - Station-ID

Sunday, October 18, 2015

The UFO HAWAII Radioshow pt.87 - Fruitfly, Multiply

Darwin's Most Masterful Stunt
Two Storms
The song of A Siren
I was down on the earth
in A House that is Dust
At the end of the world
The sounds we make
we copulate and populate
UFO Hawaii - Station-ID
Ströer Bros. & Howard Fine - Fruitfly, Multiply
GoGo Penguin - Kamaloka
Naffi - The Scream
DubXanne - Walking On The Moon
Ströer Bros. & Howard Fine - Darwin's Most Masterful Stunt
Débruit - Nigeria What?
Flying Lotus - Siren Song
Everything Everything - The House Is Dust
Nancy Sinatra – End of the World
Polar Bear - Two Storms
Flying Lotus - Descent Into Madness (Featuring Thundercat)
Flying Lotus - Turtles
Ströer Bros. & Howard Fine - The Goal Of Soul
Jacaszek - Dare-gale
The Carpenters - Rainy Days And Mondays
Ströer Bros. & Howard Fine - I Was Down On The Earth
Jon Brion - Get What It's About
UFO Hawaii - Station-ID
Kraftwerk - Klingklang

Sunday, September 06, 2015

The U.F.O. HAWAII Radioshow pt.86 Alice In Wonderland

For all of you who enjoyed the Dr. Sketchy’s Alice In Wonderland session - tune in and enjoy the whole story again in the comfort of your own home.
Special thanks to Marijn van der Waa for the sexy narration, and Julian Weber for the nice cover artwork.

UFO Hawaii PT. 86 - Alice In Wonderland

UFO Hawaii - Sation ID
Steve Reich - Music For 18 Musicians - 9. Section 7
Jerry Goldsmith - On this night
Chateau Flight - Red Morning
Tipsy - Sweet Spot
Yoko Kanno - Floating Museum
UFO Hawaii - Full Fathom Facets (Excerpt)
The Advisory Circle - The Old Schoolhouse
The Advisory Circle - Osprey
Krzysztof Komeda - Expectancy
Danny Elfman - More Dreams
Cristobal Tapia de Veer - A New Brand of Drug
Björk - Ambhergis March
My Morning Jacket - White Rabbit
Tipsy - Big Business
The Beatles - Gnik Nus / Sun King
The Flying Lizards - Skin And Stone
Holger Czukay - Träum mal wieder
Cristobal Tapia de Veer - Mr. Rabbit It Is
Pierre Moerlen's Gong - Adrien
White Noise - Love Without Sound
Wizards Of Ooze - Zambeezy
Daphne Talks - Le Chat
Marvin Gaye - Theme From Trouble Man
Alexandre Desplat - Day Out
The Drome - Unitone Theme (Unidromed)
Colin Bluestone - Smokey Day
UFO Hawaii - Full Fathom Facets (Excerpt)
Tipsy - Swingin' Spaceman
Cristobal Tapia de Veer  - Dislocated_Thumbs
Tomas Dvorak - Nanorobot Tune
Focus Group - Stringed Winds
Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention - Dwarf Nebula Processional March
The Beatles - March of the Meanies
Tipsy - Hot Banana
Alexandre Desplat - First Night
Frank Zappa - Variant I Processional March
Frank Zappa - Blessed Relief
Tomas Dvorak - Planina
UFO Hawaii - Sation ID
Steve Reich - Music For 18 Musicians - 9. Section 7

Saturday, June 06, 2015

The U.F.O. HAWAII Radioshow pt.85 
Horse Wearing People Costume

The U.F.O. HAWAII Radioshow pt.85 
Horse Wearing People Costume

UFO Hawaii Station ID

Making Plans For Nigel

Conventum - La Bataille

Electric Light Orchestra - One Summer dream

Fripp & Eno - Timean Sparkles

GoGo Penguin - Murmuration

Den Sorte Skole - Staklenih

Charlie Rouse - Meci Bon Dieu

The Souljazz Orchestra - Awakening

Gentle Giant - An Inmates Lullaby

Junior parker - Tomorrow never knows

The Flaming Lips - Fixing A Hole

Santo & Johnny - Sleepwalk

The Jewels - Opportunity

Prince - Affirmation 1 & 2

1000 Umbrellas

UFO Hawaii Station ID

Monday, April 06, 2015

The Ufo Hawaii Radioshow Pt.84 - Oh No, It’s You!

Ufo Hawaii Pt.84 - Oh No, It’s You!

Ufo Hawaii Station ID
The Passions - Oh No, It’s You
Cristobal Tapia de Veer - Utopia Overture 
Gentle Giant - Give It Back
Air - Mayfair Song
Den Sorte Skole - Tomten 
Henry Mancini - The Lonely Princess 
Gravenhurst - Black Holes In The Sand
Spirit - Mechanical World 
Byron Lee and Dragonaires - And I Love Her 
Satyajit Ray - Charu's Theme 
Den Sorte Skole - Formula Dub 
Aloa Input - Interlude 
Stereolab - I Was A Sunny Rainphase 
Kammerflimmer Kollektief - Lichterloh 
Zammuto - Stop Counting 
Cristobal Tapia de Veer - Bekki On Pills Pt.1 
Tricot - Pool Side 
Zammuto - Code Breaker
Aloa Input - Prelude 
David Grumel - Lifestyle 
Ufo Hawaii Station ID
Stereolab - Les Bon Bons Des Raisons 

Saturday, February 14, 2015

UFO Hawaii Radioshow Pt.83 - Now While It's Still Warm Let Us Pour In All The Mystery

Jessica  the milchmädchen gets off at the party experiment.
Trembling like a ghost ship in a storm amidst meditative chaos.
Electric counterpoint emitting chemical chords.
while it's still warm,
let us pour in all the mystery.

UFO Hawaii - Station-ID
Axel Boman - Animal Lovers
DJ Koze - Amygdala (feat. Milosh)
Steve Reich - Electric Counterpoint (Part III)
Cristobal Tapia de Veer - Meditative Chaos
Den Sorte Skole - O Babuaa
Jim O'Rourke Ghost Ship in a Storm
Ancient Person of My Heart - Divine Works
Keiji Haino - Now While It's Still Warm Let Us Pour In All The Mystery
Cristobal Tapia de Veer - The Experiment
Den Sorte Skole - Alvin
Mike Oldfield - Hergest Ridge
Bruno Coulais - The Party
Jonny Greenwood - Alethia
Ólöf Arnalds - Vinkonur
Cristobal Tapia de Veer - Jessica Gets Off
UFO Hawaii - Milchmädchen /w Pearl Necklace
UFO Hawaii - Station-ID
Stereolab - Chemical Chords

Sunday, February 01, 2015

UFO Hawaii Radioshow Pt.82 - Come to the Sunshine

UFO Hawaii Radioshow Pt. 82 - Come to the Sunshine

UFO Hawaii - Station ID
Van Dyke Parks - Come to the Sunshine
Frankie Rose & The Outs - Candy
Starlight Mints - Pumpkin
Brittle Stars - Occasional Appearance (Phofo remix)
Ivy - Worry About You
UFO Hawaii - Buena Serra
The Asteroids Galaxy Tour - The Golden Age
Martin Newell & Andy Partridge - Before the Hurricane
Land Of The Loops - Multi-family Garage Sale
Phantogram - As Far As I Can See
Fyfe Dangerfield - When You Walk In The Room
Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Ffunny Ffrends
Eggstone - Against The Sun
Häxor och Porr - Dramabananen
Kindness - Gee Up (Cosmic Kids Edit)
General Elektriks - Little Lady
UFO Hawaii - Station ID
People Like Us - Swinglargo

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

UFO Hawaii Radioshow Pt. 81 - Bhimpalasi

UFO Hawaii Radioshow Pt. 81 - Bhimpalasi
(Mixed by Alo Hossel)

UFO Hawaii - Station-ID
Toru Takemitsu - Rikyu
Sergio Mendes - Samba Da Bencao
World Standard - ?
Ravi Shankar at Montery Pop Festival 1967 - Bhimpalasi  
Radian - Jet
Karl Zéro - Ponciana
Marilyn Monroe - My Heart Belongs to Daddy
Benny Sings - Below the Waterfall
Matmos - Schatzi a Gogo
Rosemary Clonney - Blue Moon
Dream Theater - Octavarium
Rolf Kühn - Smile
Bobby Hughes Combination - Goi
William Shatner - Ideal Woman
Roisin Murphy - Night of the Dancin Flame
Alain Bashung - Faisions Envie
Jahcoozi - AliMcBills
Electronicat -Birds Want to Have Fun
Fred Astaire - Top hat white tie and tails
Mr Tsunami Vc. A Zoobone Sound - Showdown at red ground
Angélique - Y a volar
Fanfare Ciocarlia - Moliendo Café
Herbaliser - Gadget Funk
Orchester Les Humphries - Derrick
Erwin Halletz - Stahlnetz
Frank Sinatra - Blue Moon
Sister Sonny - Neon Party
Roudoudou - Ecutez la Guitar
Cornelius -Point of View
Roudoudou - Lettres
Künstler Treu - Low On Sugar
Porter Ricks - Replay Debussy
The Reindeer Section - Y´all get scared now
UFO Hawaii - Station-ID

Saturday, September 27, 2014

U.F.O. HAWAII Radioshow pt.80 100 Lifestyle Choices For The Undecided

U.F.O. HAWAII pt.80
100 Lifestyle Choices For The Undecided

UFO Hawaii Station ID
Aphrodite's Child - Ofis
Suguru Yamaguchi - IRIS CL1 (TVCM)
Narcotic Syntax - Dark Matter
The Flying Lizards - Cirrus
Kenji Kawai - Dungeon
The Conet Project - (M3) M3
UFO Hawaii - Bali 1
A.R. Kane - Timewind
Mark Mothersbaugh - Archer Avenue
Suguru Yamaguchi - DAIWA Finance (TVCM)
Hapunkt Fix - Sampling
UFO Hawaii - Library0003
UFO Hawaii - Library0005
Blade Runner - Los Angeles , November 2019
Jaga Jazzist - The Thing Introduces...
Cristobal Tapia de Veer - Twat
T. Rex - Poem
Deux Filles - Our English Friends
Chris Berry and The Bayaka of Youndoumbe - Elephant Gentle Laments
Carla Bley - Eoth Theme
Tim Gane & Sean O'Hagan - En pyjama
Frank Zappa & The Mothers - Igor's Boogie, Phase One
Jean-Jacques Hertz & Francois Roy - Memory
Kenji Kawai - Tohokami Emi Tame
Michael Andrews - Rosie Darko
Sufjan Stevens - In This Temple, As In The Hearts Of Man For Whom He Saved The Earth
Pink Floyd - The Grand Vizer's Garden Party Part III
Tim Gane & Sean O'Hagan - Ecrivain Ou Professeur
Money Mark - Poet's Walk
Hassle Hound - Woods & Water Dept.
Krzysztof Komeda - Through the Closet
Being John Malkovich OST - You Should Know
Beat Soler - Winter
UFO Hawaii - Manschette
Narcotic Syntax - Dark Matter
Dave - The Boognish Is Strong In This One
Stephan Remmler - SR Extra Loop
Suguru Yamaguchi - Gam (TVCM)
David Schwartz - Stupid Chair
Humdinger Hallodri - AB loop
The Books - A Wonderful Phrase By Gandhi
DJ Food - Living Beats
The Cinematic Orchestra - Restaurant
Humdinger Hallodri - 442 Korg Echo
UFO Hawaii - Skit 27-12-06
Kosmos OST - Im Staub der Sterne
Swan Fungus - Monied vs. Landed
Carlos Peron - 13
Aphrodite's Child - The System
Carlos Peron - 7
Mark Mothersbaugh - Look at That Old Grizzly Bear
Britta Gartner - Nun's Prayer
UFO Hawaii - Oskuldens Traum
Bruno Coulais - Coraline Fly
Barry Gray - Impish Doppelganger Reflections
A.R. Kane - Fast Ka
Barry Gray - Everything's Changed
Siva Prasd - Muddugaaree
Thomas Wydler & Toby Dammit - 19 apple jack
Humdinger Hallodri - Sound-01
AG Geige - ?
Munk - Interludus #2
UFO Hawaii - Library0006
Aphrodite's Child - Tribulation
John Baker - Festival Time
The Residents - The Simple Song
Frank Zappa & The Mothers - Hot Poop
Tim Gane & Sean O'Hagan - La Consecration
Robert Fripp - Postscript
Michael Andrews - Elevator; Pills
Sufjan Stevens - In This Temple, As In The Hearts Of Man For Whom He Saved The Earth
Beat Soler - Full Moon
Broadcast And The Focus Group - Royal Chant
Tatsuo Kohki - Fluctuation
Alexandre Desplat - Catharina's Pearls
Cristobal Tapia de Veer - A New Brand of Drug
Tape Beatles - Deeper
Humdinger Hallodri - 49ff FM8
UFO Hawaii - Sound Exist In Space (exc.9)
Rachel Korine - Red Riding Hood's Hangman
UFO Hawaii - Sound Exist In Space (exc.6)
Aloa Input - Interlude
Cristobal Tapia de Veer - Bekki On Pills - Pt 1
Young Marble Giants - Zebra Trucks
People Like Us - Listen To The
Squarepusher - Break
David Schwartz - No Batter
Paul McCartney - Speech
Ugly Custard - Link
John Baker - Reading Your Letter
Cubismo Grafico - Chiave
Michael Dever - Hi, Bye
The High Llamas - Snapshot Pioneer
T. Rex - There Was A Time
Carter Burwell - Fargo / The Ozone
The Orb - Sticky End
Den Sorte Skole - Exil
Iwamura Manabu - In Due 1
Carlos Peron - 6
UFO Hawaii - Soft & Sleazy (Variation A)
Howard Shore - Stathis Enters
Electric Light Orchestra - Who's That
UFO Hawaii - Station-ID
Jon Brion - Punchy Tack Piano