Friday, August 06, 2010


one night i had this incredible dream of performing "uriella" live on stage.

it was quite a view - the stage had a somewhat surrealistic back lighting in light blue tones with some light "fingers" pointing towards the sky like world war II searchlights.

in the center of the stage, a jazz quartet performed the basic rhythm foundation. an old jazz drumkit and a double-bass as the rhythm section with both a cello at each side producing a low harmonic string drone.

in the back on a podest, or maybe stairs, a choir consisting of four men and eight women, all dressed in uriella-style white pleated garments. all of them, women and men, with flashy makeup, turquoise eyeshadow and fake uberlong golden eyelashes.

it was a heavenly multi-layered sound that was escaping from their mouthes.

there was als a little horn section, waiting for their cue during the final quarter of the song. in the meantime the players were operating various world war II radio units, walkie talkies and transmitters with which they provided haunting radio announcements.

when finally the rhythm section faded, and the horns started to mash with the ever higher pitched voices, the whole stair section with everyone on it was lifted a few meters up towards a huge disco ball that represent the mothership, blinking with lights and things and slowly turning around its axis.

the music eventually faded into reverb and the lights ceased.

i would definately buy a ticket for that show....


Blogger Percy said...

Ahoi.Wo & Wann kann ich Karten kaufen?Danke für all die schöne Musik.Wann erscheint neue?Warte schon ungeduldig.Gruß J

10:47 AM  

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