Sunday, December 06, 2009

why can't i download all the ufo shows here?

dear ufonauts,

i keep getting inquiries about why i'm not posting mp3 links to the ufo hawaii shows here on the blog.

i know it may be difficult to understand for some of you but i'm doing so out of  respect for the incredible artists, musicians and bands that are featured in the show.

so, spitzt eure lauscher:

i've devoted my life to music. since i was first able to fit a pair of headphones on, i've been searching for the perfect piece, the unheard beauty, the lost hit.
i even tried to fill in the gaps with music that i put out on my own records.

so what you're hearing on the ufo hawaii radioshows is basically the essence of that.

it still gives me the chills to find a wonderful track amongst all that junk we get cluttered with on a daily basis.

and i do want this other kind of music to live on!

when a ufo hawaii show is broadcast on the radio, the broadcasting station pays a fee to a so-called "performance rights organisation". this fee (well, not all of it, but most), is eventually split and transfered to all the artists featured in the show.
it's only a couple of cents each time, but in the long run this adds up for a busy musician - and many of the artists, especially those who make the leftfield or "uncommercial" stuff are dependent on it in order to continue making their music for you and me.

if i'd put all the existing shows online, ufo hawaii would probably be a much bigger success as it already is - but none of the artists would ever see a single penny.

what i would be doing is stealing their income to make my show more popular.

some of you music addicts may argue, that it is good promotion for the artists if their music is spread around, and therefore it should be free to download. that might be true in some cases, but this, after all, is not our decision:

if anyone has the right to decide if his work should be given out for free, it is the artist himself. show some respect, please.

and let's be honest folks: why would you wanna buy an album, if you already got the best track on the new ufo hawaii show you just downloaded?

and that is why you can't download all the ufo shows here. got it?

but what i'd like to do is to invite you to listen to the latest ufo show -  every 2nd friday of the month, at 23:00 (central european time) on absolutely free.

and all the other days of the month when you feel desperate for some of the really good stuff - why don't you lean back and explore the playlists listed here and buy some of the awesome music directly from the artists? this way you are contributing in making good music possible in the future!

hey, and for everyone who made it through here - here's a little freebie from your humble host künstler treu:

my latest coverversion of CAN's great track "full moon on the highway".
let the download begin!


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Anonymous mb40 said...

how very true ... and saddening at the same time

5:39 AM  

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