Saturday, June 23, 2018

Kevin Godley & UFO Hawaii

Well, this is news:

I just had a extended phone conversation with Kevin Godley.

Kevin is currently working on his first solo album, which he will name Muscle Memory.
He told me that he felt somewhat bored by all the perfectionism he tried to achieve in the past, always working on tight schedules in big-ass (not his words) studios with 10cc and G&C.

So he decided to go Lo-Fi and asked musicians all around the world to send him tracks he could work on in the stress-free environment of his home in Ireland.

It appeared that he liked one of my instrumentals enough to do some vocal overdubs on it. The song is now getting more and more into shape, as we are sending ideas back and forth. It has been named Ghosts Of The Living in the meantime, and it’ll be part of Kevins new Album.

Thats quite exciting for me, since the G&C albums Freeze Frame and L where milestones and inspirations for my own work since i was a teenager.

Kevin has set up a crowdfunding thingy on Pledgemusic, where you can support his project, pre-order the album and even sign up for workshops and other exciting events. Check it out here.

In the update section you’ll also find a preview of Ghosts Of The Living and a recording of parts of our phone conversation.

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