Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Coming soon: Telekrümmer

mid-april will see the release of my newest album telekrümmer
this is a truly unique and special album in any regard.

and it will hopefully be a sought-after collectors’ item in the future.
not only will it be released on europe’s „the residents“ label, psychofon,
it will also be a vinyl-only-release.

only 200 copies will be made (a small number hand-signed by the cover artist bert düerkop)
and the accompanying uncompressed digital files will be the only digital release available.
there will be no promotional copies or freebies.

so if you want to own this thing, you better pre-order at psychofon, or drop me a personal message and i’ll set aside a copy for you.

and the music? well, it’s really hard to describe, even for the regular ufo hawaii listener.
mr. james dean brown tried anyways, and this is what he came up with:


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