Sunday, September 03, 2017

The UFO Hawaii Radioshow Pt.100 - Hallodris En Masse

My dearest Ufonauts.

It’s finally time to say goodbye. After 12 Years of broadcasting the soundtrack to your weird and wonderful lives, your beloved UFO will finally heading towards new galaxies.

So please enjoy the last of the UFO Hawaii Radishows; We had a great time together.
And never stop watching the skies…

The UFO Hawaii Radioshow Pt.100 - Hallodris En Masse

UFO Hawaii - Station-ID
Humdinger Hallodri - The Hallodri
Appleton & Treu - Vocé Cafeteria Comigo
Fluffy Target feat. Annika Line Trost - The Garden
Der Plan - Deutschland bleiche Mutter
Stahlschrank - Inge
Ufo Hawaii feat. JJ Jones - Semolina
Seelenluft - ´79 Fame & Fire
Ufo Hawaii feat. Lada Redstar - Oiseaux dans ma tête
The Space Songs - Friction
Richard Cameron - Game Over (Birthday Version)
Ufo Hawaii mit Niels Jansson - Funky Funky Danza
UFO Hawaii - Shifty Bits Party Theme
Fred & Achim - Sambalito
Peter Licht - Safarinachmittag (Künstler Treu Remix)
Nicoletta - Nothing I Want You To Do
The LaLaVoxBax - Onkel Klaus
Supatopcheckerbunny - Der Supa Supatopcherbunny Bunny Song
Die wartenden Fahrgäste - M41
Der Plan - Alte Pizza (Live in Spain 2004)
JJ Jones  & UFO Hawaii - Love Button
UFO Hawaii - The Final Cashew
Sea Of Tranquility - Engellied
Duchess Says vs. Treu - Black Flag
Old Boyz (Ufo Hawaii & Gustav Attila) - Fashion Faschos
Fluffy Target - Ready To Fuck
Arling & Cameron - Change
Hallodris En Masse - UFO Hawaii Station-ID (Live)
People Like Us - Swinglargo


Anonymous mb40 said...

hey Künstler,

the ufo will b sorely missed by me .. still, u gave us so much eargasms to enjoy i can hardly complain. tnx for all the effort u have put in to each part .. i will love 'em for an eternity!!

c ya, Yvan

10:00 AM  
Blogger Crs2 said...

I guess I'm a little late to the party...where can I get this mix? I followed the show until number 50, if I remember correctly. Awesome work, thank you!

3:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you'll still find shows on the ufo hawaii facebook page...

3:49 AM  
Blogger Crs2 said...

Thank you! I will miss this show.

5:46 AM  

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