Friday, September 26, 2014

U.F.O. Hawaii Pt. 79 - 10000 Windchimes From Home

Ufo Hawaii - Station ID
Tricot - Ochansensu-su   
Cornelius - fit song
The Notwist - Lineri
Hapunkt Fix - The Magic Of Sampling
Den Sorte Skole - Riforme
The Notwist - The Fifth Quarter Of The Globe   
Rokia Traoré - N'Téri
African Head Charge - Mr. Whippy Does Djibouti       
The Notwist - From One Wrong Place To The Next   
Sarah Neufeld - They Live On   
Den Sorte Skole - Fai Yen           
Can - She Brings The Rain
T. Rex - Wind Quartets   
Den Sorte Skole - Island Girl   
Phantogram - 10,000 Claps
Ufo Hawaii - Station ID   
Den Sorte Skole -  En Lille En


Anonymous mb40 said...

hey Künstler,

great episode this one!! specially enjoyed the mid part with Rokia Traoré/African head charge/Can... may more follow!!

c ya, Yvan

1:00 PM  

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