Saturday, May 24, 2014

Full Fathom Facets out now on iTunes

for all of you ufonauts who enjoyed “full fathom five”, here’s the news:

the complete album in a remixed edition is now available online on itunes.
very trippy stuff. check it out here:

and i've got a new batch of precious Full Fathom Five vinyl 

that can be ordered directly from the artist for a measly peasly 12.- euros (including postage inside germany, plus a download coupon for the digital version!).

so grab all you can in large amounts...

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Anonymous mb40 said...

hey Künstler,

after a few listens i think i'm ready to make a comment.

first off; these r some great remixes and ur not lying when u tell us there's some trippy shit in there. very dreamy tunes that set my mind off in a good direction each time i put them on!! DA SHIT mate, DA SHIT...

secondly; ur a magician when it comes to making music. doesn't matter if it is anything old, new or remixed or even ur broadcasts!! u keep amazing me... :) and i keep asking myself... how do u do that??

tnx for setting this up and will treat them as gems. keep the tunes alive!!

c ya, Yvan

9:16 AM  

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