Monday, April 28, 2014

RESIDENTS RESIFTED - A Tribute to the Residents

I’m happy to announce this little Residents tribute EP i just finished:

have a listen to “semolina” here:

get the whole album here:
and here:

and plz spread the word and share!

A Tribute to the Residents
By UFO Hawaii

Work on this album started a good while ago when I received an invitation to join Der Plan for a Residents tribute festival in the Netherlands. After we met up with Hardy Fox, who was touring Berlin at the time, Moritz® picked two hands full of what he considered essential Residents songs, and I began working on some of them in preparation for the live show.

Unfortunately the festival was canceled due to financial problems soon thereafter, and half a dozen songs in progress ended up vanishing into the drawer.

But only until just recently, when I then rediscovered them, and -  after having a fresh listen - found them quite worthy of being given some finishing touches.
Also, Mr. JJ Jones was kind - and interested - enough to join in, contributing his versatile singing abilities to the songs.

So here you go… These are the five cover versions that came out of our combined efforts.

Have fun listening, and keep watching the skies.


Künstler Treu

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Anonymous mb40 said...

hey Künstler,

tnx for giving us a chance to get a glimpse of what could've been. it took me a while but had much things to do with going the 2 Shadowland shows i just saw, had to prepare everything and that takes time but at long last i was able to enjoy the tunes u just released.

must say that my ears luv what u just threw at us (special luv goes out to The act of being polite and the German counting in Weightlifting Lulu and will admit that the singer has a nice 'Elvis'-like voice) and am very saddened by the festival being cancelled. what an evening that would've been!! anyway, trying to advertise this item at as much as i can and hope it helps getting the tunes over the pond!!

stay well my friend and keep the tunes alive!!

c ya, Yvan

ps; .... when can we expect the rest, haha... no pressure... :)

3:15 AM  
Blogger künstler treu said...

thanks for the kind words, yvan. and yes, a plan/residents merge would have probably been pretty awesome. but at least you can watch the show in your head now...

5:01 AM  

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