Sunday, February 12, 2012

U.F.O. Hawaii Pt. 59 - A Morning Of Awkwardness Is Far Better Than A Night Of Loneliness

UFO Hawaii Station-ID
Stereolab Wow And Flutter
Faust - Chère Chambre
The Flying Lizards - An Age
Cornelius - Sensuous
Pat Metheny - Spirit of the Air
Jon Brion - Shut The Fuck Up
Paddy McAloon - Sleeping Rough
Thomas Dvorak - Samorost Intro
North Sea Radio Orchestra - Kingstanding
Frank Zappa - Blessed Relief
Carter Burwell - Blood Trail
Richard Skelton - Threads Across The River
UFO Hawaii Station-ID


Anonymous mb40 said...

hey Künstler,

another fine fly-over from our most famous ufo. i very much liked the soothing quality of the tracks chosen. loved seeing Faust, Flying Lizards and Frank Zappa included in the list and enjoyed their tunes. the rest, as ever, i didn't know so new music was brought to my ears, again. i also love the art work. a very fine, naive picture that captures the innocence of a child perfectly, u got to adore that!!

keep the tunes alive and tnx very much for a long awaited fly-over!!

c ya, Yvan

12:51 AM  

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