Monday, March 16, 2009


every other year the pictoplasma conference takes place here in berlin. hundreds of talented artists gather to inspire each and have a good time together.

this year's conference is located at the haus der kulturen der welt and it features "pictopia"; an outstanding exhibition of the world's latest character art.

the pictopia exhibition will playfully explore the phenomenon of contemporary character design and art. graphic designers, artists, animators, media and 3D designers work with a shared set of signs, opening up new contexts and correlations.

for the occasion, i was invited to compose a 6-channel sound installation called "plasmagoria" that will be played houerly during the six week exhibition.

having had a sneak preview while setting up my installation, i strongly suggest you take my advice and have a look at the unbelivably cool exhibits. the whole place looks like a giant playground for the audience, featuring giant puppets, hidden love shacks, an eye that follows you, a koala bear peepshow, and lots and lots of incredible art.

and don't forget to take a ride in one of the psychedelic bumper cars while you listen to the wickedest soundrack i've ever composed. take a trippy, dark and psychedelic tribal ride inside a furry creature of your choice...

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