Sunday, February 22, 2009

7/7 never forget!


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Gruess Gott KT

I'm just reading Nick Kollerstrom's book "Terror on the Tube" that covers the 7th July bombing.

He points out that the four Asian suspects could not have arrived at London Kings Cross at the time of day needed to match the official CCTV footage of them! Powerline problems on the Thameslink railway at Mill Hill meant that the original 7:40am train (that the police claimed they had caught) was cancelled... and the remaining trains in service had been delayed by up to 35 minutes!

Apart from your image in this article, and one other sourced from the USA, no photographs have ever been published to confirm (or deny) the eye-witness testimonies that the floors of the tube trains were blasted UPWARDS from the undercarriages - something that a bomb-in-a-backpack couldn't ever do!

The refusal of the UK Government to release any decent amount of CCTV imagery to the public, or photographs of the train damage, or to carry out post-mortems on the bodies is clear evidence that they wish to hide the details of this attack on London citizens.


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