Wednesday, March 05, 2008

UFO Hawaii Live in München

Am 8. März präsentiert Johnny Amore zum ersten mal UFO Hawaii Live in München.
Als Talkgast mit dabei ist, extra aus Marseille angereist, Jon Appleton. Eine einmalige Gelegenheit den Tonbandmeister in Persona zu erleben.

Samstag, 8. März, ab 21 Uhr in der Färberei.


Blogger künstler treu said...

who had thought that ufo hawaii live would be so well received by the munich audience?

miss lalavox, jon and i had a great time at the färberei. we met a lot of very nice, open minded and curious people.

tonbandmeister appleton was really the star of the evening. his numberous stories and anectodes made him, once again, the desired object for all the ladies in the audience at the aftershow party. and i really had to revise my prejustices about the posh munich scene. johnny amore a.k.a. superhero was a kind host - he and his supermuse are some great folks. everyone was interested and we had to answer a lot of questions about the music afterwards. we also met members of the merricks and FSK (whos new album is about to be released soon), as well as the funny mr. pöschl of schlamminger & pöschl.

the trip was rounded up with a great sightseeing tour through munich. the olympic stadium, weißwurscht, beergarden, the whole deal. i hope we all will meet again.

8:18 AM  

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