Sunday, October 17, 2004

good promotion

dear friends, sorry it’s taken me so long to update this time.
i’ve been so busy working on projects with der plan and mr. cameron that i’ve barely had the time to shave. eeew!

i just discovered something very cool and exiting: it’s called “good promotion” - and i think it’s the next big thing.
it all started when i began getting lots of offers to participate with my work on various cd-compilations, newly founded web-labels (they sprout like mushrooms!), commercials, and the like. people from all around the world are offering to use my musik and, in return, give me good promotion for it.

i was a little sceptical at first, because i worked so hard on all those tunes, and there was, of course, no money involved. but in the end - and that’s the whole point - it all will be very good promotion for me and my work. so i dropped my objections and, thinking it over more deeply, realized that this is actually a very interesting concept.

early the next day i was ready to give more good people the opportunity for some good promotion too. first thing in the morning i asked gisela, the saleswoman from my bakery on the corner, for a promotional breakfast supply, which will at some point be really good promotion for her and her business. and guess what... she handed my a whole bag of good berliner schrippen with a big smile! man, that was successful.

next thing i tried was to convince the driver on the bus to town about the advantages of good promotion. somehow i had the feeling that he did not really get the whole concept behind good promotion. he seemed quite distracted anyway. but in the end he waved me through and i got a free ride into town.

the next day i expanded my promotional activities and gave my landlord a call. he owns various buildings in the area and it definately would have a good promotional effect for him to have a well-known artist like me living in one of his appartements. but what a bummer! that guy is just so old-timey! he really thinks he’s fine without any promotion for his business at all. how silly is that?

but, i’m telling you folks, this sort of narrow-minded behaviour still seems to be strong in our society. people often need a long time to grasp a new groundbreaking concept. our local gas and power suppliers are the best example. and even somewhat “new” businesses, like my telephone and internet providers, are still not ready for “good promotion”. not to speak of georgio, the owner of that little italian restaurant here in my street. he actually acted kinda rude. nevertheless, i think of “good promotion” as a thing of the future. people just need more time to appreciate the benefits of giving your work away for free. i still strongly believe in the spirit of “good promotion”. i’m even thinking about calling my next album that. yours treuly,

künstler treu


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