Thursday, September 18, 2003

what's new in treuland?

dear friends,

what's new in treuland?

i just finished helping out mr. cameron with some soundtrack work for the dutch movie "phileine zecht zorry". it will premiere at the end of september in amsterdam. see you at the buffet!

september is also seeing the release of my long awaited collaboration with electronic music pioneer jon appleton, the mighty "herrr prrrofffessor tonbandmeisterrr". our new record company crippled dick hot wax just set up a little homepage with all of the juicy details. checko, checko!

treu & appleton live at the princeton university

...and i recently went on safari with peter licht. his new album will be out soon too. check out the maxi, it's lot's-o-fun.

yours treuly, kunstler treu


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