Monday, February 24, 2003

das ist musik

dear friends, what's the news?

busy times at the moment; fiddling with mr. cameron on his new solo album, and some final adjustments to the forthcoming appleton record. both of these guys are outstandingly warmhearted people and wonderful to work with. i'm really looking forward to seeing what comes of all this...

i recently went on safari with peter licht. his new album will be out soon too. check out the maxi, it's lot's-o-fun.

ahhh - and before i forget, the brand new eleganz label compilation is about to see the light of day at last. "das ist musik" features exquisite tracks by all your favourite eleganz gang members like elektrotwist, jean michel, treu und ..., as well as our new label entree, ali plays.

and finally: spring is coming! yee-haaw!

yours treuly, kunstler treu


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