Sunday, November 15, 2015

Blisterplage! - New UFO Hawaii Single in Stores

Dear Ufonauts!

I’m proud to announce my new Music Video: UFO Hawaii / Blisterplage

I shot this video on a crazy Berlin night with Niels Alexi Johansen, Miss LaLaVox, a laptop and a webcam. Thanks also to @Hennink for helping out.

Watch it here

And if you like it, buy it:



Künstler Treu


The UFO HAWAII Radioshow pt.88

The UFO HAWAII Radioshow pt.88
Peter Kürten - Der Vampir von Düsseldorf

UFO Hawaii - Station-ID
When - ?
Danny Elfman- End Credits
Bruno Coulais - The Party
Marc Wilkinson - Angel's claw
Jerry Goldsmith - On this night
Michael Andrews - Did You Know Him
Jerry Goldsmith - Don't let him
Krzysztof Komeda - Lullaby
Philip Glass - The Slave Quarters
Shiro Sato - Ju-On
Ray Noble & His Orchestra - It's All Forgotten Now
The Residents - Vampire
Shiro Sato - Ju-On
Beat Solér - ?
Beat Solér - ?
Jacaszek - Pod Światlo
Sea Of Tranquility - Bite Me To Sleep
Danny Elfman - A Gift
Jerry Goldsmith - The fall
Gyorgi Ligeti - Lontano
Jerry Goldsmith - The demise of Mrs. Baylock
When - When (edit)
Anton Webern - Five Pieces for Orchestra
Danny Elfman - More Dreams
The Residents - I'm Not Crazy
Jerry Goldsmith - The day he died
Yoko Kanno - Ghostdive
Michael Andrews - On the roof
Pink Floyd - The Grand Vizer's Garden Party Part II
Bruno Coulais - The Supper
Wendy Carlos & Rachel Elkind - Rocky Mountains
The Orb & Robert Fripp - Suess Wie Eine Nuss
Michael Andrews - Time Travel
The Residents - Dead Men
UFO Hawaii - Station-ID