Thursday, February 28, 2008

viskose alarm

a just discovered vintage treu video on youtube:

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Space Songs

does anyone remember the space songs?

when i discovered those "ballads for the age of science" in 2001, i was immediately inspired by the wonderfulness of hy zaret's lyrics.
and, well, you know me and my weakness for failing on grandious levels and unsolvable tasks...

so what i did in 2002 was to write new music for the space songs in cahoots with french composer and singer chloe leloup. together with the magnificent miss lalavox we performed exactly one unique concert in potsdam and a vinyl 7" was released in japan on escalator records later the same year.

since then the space songs album has been hiding quietly in my drawer, next to the never-released 3rd dauerfisch album and a couple of other records i've done which have also never seen the lights of day.

last summer however, i got an unexpected call from SOPOT - a small indie label from bremen with a nice catalogue. Through quite mysterious channels SOPOT has gotten word of the Space Songs record and wanted to release it.

So behold! The 28th of March 2008 will be the official release date for:

And for those of you, who are too eager to wait - check out "What is the Milky Way" on the brand new Escalator release "We Were Escalator Records 2.2".