Wednesday, March 28, 2007

U.F.O. HAWAII pt.22 - Tales From The Mountains

It was up in the mountains...

Broadcasted 28-03-2007

Künstler Treu - UFO Hawaii Station ID
Obed Pickard - The Old Grey Horse
Toby Dammit - Apple Jack Epilogue
Tom Waits - Hang on St. Christopher
The Mudcrab
People Like Us - Cattle Call
Toby Dammit - Spooks in the Night
David Essex - Rock On
Pamer McAbee - Lost Boy Blues
Hunter S. Thompson - Ode to Jack
Toby Dammit - Macatawa State
Tom Waits - Calliope
The Moving Star Hall Singers - Barney Mc Cabe
Moondog - Lullaby
I.D. Stamper - My Pretty Little Pink
Tom Waits - Let Me Get up on It
Bernard Herrmann - Mercury Theatre Closing Theme
Christine And Katherine Shipp - She Began To Lie
William S. Burroughs - Old West
The Residents - Santa Dog
Silver Apples - Ruby
Laurie anderson - It Was Up in the Mountains
Sea Of Tranquility - Summers Home
William S. Burroughs - Curse Go
Wash Dennis & Charlie Sims - Rachel Rocket
Amoeba Sound System - Material One
Claude debussy - Prelude
Captain Beefheart - Sue Egypt
Toby Dammit - The Wind Up
Neriah & Kenneth Benfield - Lights in the Alley

Thursday, March 15, 2007

monster zero

what a great name for a song - that was my first thought when i heard about misty roses' newest release.

"There’s an old dictum that says, “The longer the note, the more dread.” Trans-Atlantic duo, Misty Roses, it would seem, stick almost religiously by this axiom on latest release, Monster Zero. Infecting menace into the dense electro of the title track and even into the dub-infused drum 'n' bass of 'Sleeping Beauty' and ambiance of 'Innsmouth Jewelry', Monster Zero is, otherwise, a gonzo contraption of separate moments and sounds.".

well, that said, check out the monster zero treu remix - now out on frog man jake...