Friday, July 21, 2006

Thursday, July 13, 2006

the church of budgerigars

last night i finally met with charming duchess says from montreal.
it was a lot of fun meeting the upstarting band & to hang out together in the stinkiest backstage room ever, at white trash berlin. no wonder there was a sign on the wall warning for "gasansammlungen".

don't miss the release of the hit single BLACK FLAG - TREU vs. DUCHESS, august the 30th.

the main difference between legal and illegal music software

the legal way:

you buy a piece of software from a well known software company - which by chance has it's headquarter even in the same berlin kreuzberg neighbourhood you live in. you send the money and you add a little extra postage for "one-day-express delivery", yay!

after 2 days of waiting you write a friendly email requesting the tracking number of the package. soon after you get a preformatted textblock in return. your request will be answered within one or two more days.

after waiting for another 2 days, without ever receiving an answer to your request, you write another friendly mail - which stays just as unanswered as the previous one.

after almost a week of waiting you call the sales manager. he seems to be a little mixed up, but yet a friendly fella. and he promises to help speed things up. your request to combine a little spaziergang with coming over to pick up the package personally is unfortunately turned down.

on day 7 you get a request to stay patient because your sowtware is about to be shipped. yay!

on day 8 you get another email that your item will soon be shipped.

on day 9 you spend the day playing computergames and chatting with friends. mmmh..there's a lot of lint to be removed from the computer's fans...

the illegal way:

1. fire up limewire.
2. have a coffee while downloading.
3. install. voila!

(of course we don't do nasty things like that!)