Wednesday, March 01, 2006

märz musik

very busy times here at treuland. maerzmusik has invited der plan to perform with a 70 piece orchestra and a children's choir here in berlin. so i'm busy writing scores for strings, brass, bassoons, horns, timpanis and what not. it's quite interesting and i'm learning a lot about how an orchestra works, haha.

so watch out for soundalikes on the 21st of march when the brandenburg staatsorchester finally meets der plan.

i'm also looking forward to the new arling & cameron record "hi-fi underground" which will be released in may. i' assisted richard and gerry with some nice synth sounds and melodies along the way. miss lalavox is also performing on two of the songs on this very catchy and crafty album.

heaps of künstler treu guitar and basswork will be also be heard on trash noire's debut record, which is still in the process of being mixed for a proper demo version.

and last not least, princess superstar just dropped in and hopped out again to record a cover version of queen's "body language" together with fluffy target for her upcoming album.