Sunday, January 29, 2006

club filth all fluffy

yesterday night saw the debut live performance of fluffy target, richard cameron and my latest project.
we played here in berlin at joost van der bellens notorious club filth night.
we shared the stage with ellen bandit and cobra killer who of course were stealing the show. the crowd was a cheerful mixture of fashion victims, fake football hooligans, trashy cross dressers and some strange hairy objects that reminded vaguely of les gammas.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

happy new year

dear friends.

a happy 2006 to all of you.

even though 2005 has’nt seen a künstler treu solo release (i was very pleased by the fact that so many of you were asking), it feels as it has been quite a busy year.

it was marked mainly by our travels with der plan. we were guests in sweden, france, spain, canada and japan and we did meet a lot of friendly,helpful and passionate people on our tours. thanks to all of you. i hope we’ll meet again.

der plan live in tokyo

also my musical and personal friendship with richard cameron brought a lot of joy and excitement into my life. with the release of our first 12” maxi, our project fluffy target is on it’s way now. we’re hoping to do a couple of live shows in 2006.

so, will there be enough time to do another treu album this year? well, i sure hope so. with the help of some very good friends there are already a couple of nice tracks that made it onto my harddisk. they need to grow a little more of course, but we’ll see what happens...

for now i wish you all the best for another year of exciting music, personal growth and whatever it is you’re wishing the most.


künstler treu

künstler t. & damo s.